EARMOR M62 Headset Headband for Opsmen / Peltor Comtac II III Series


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EARMOR M62 Headset Headband for Opsmen / Peltor Comtac II III Series
- simple and light ( integrated cutting, the weight is only 15 grams);
- easy to replace (easy to open and close);
- Various accessories can be pasted (such as personal identification, headlight, lanyard, etc.)
-  It is more convenient to fix the headset wire;
- high compatibility, suitable for most types of headsets.
- The M62 Magic tape New headband is designed to facilitate the user to replace the headband. It can change the M31&M32 headband of the headsets to the helmet type.

Shipping package list
- 1 pcs Magic tape Headband (Other products are not included)

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