EARMOR Tactical Headset M31 MOD4 & ARC Rail Adapter IPSC Headset


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EARMOR Tactical Headset M31 MOD3 & ARC Rail Adapter IPSC Headset

EARMOR M31 MOD3 Tactical Headsets + M11 ARC Rail Adapter Set --( 6 Color )
- Suppresses harmful noise above 82 db
- Amplifies low-level sounds
- Comfortable ear cushions for tight seal
- Low-profile cups for shooting
- Independent 4x high end beats audio speakers for separate input audio device and ambient sounds
- Adjustable, padded headband for comfort
- Foldable for storage and protection
- 4-hour Auto Shut-off
- 3.5 mm Audio Input Jack for smartphone, mp3 player and many more
- Mini Jack - Mini Jack cable included

Detailed Description:
The M31 provides audible protection in noisy areas with impulsive noise, such as firearms use zones. Harmful sounds are limited to a safe level of 82 dB, and the lower are amplified.

Key benefits of active hearing protectors:
1. Allow you to normally hear and even enhance standard sounds: speech, commands, instructions, sounds from the environment
2. Protect your hearing during shooting
3. Strengthen standard sounds - with volume control they let you hear better than without earmuffs.

Modernized Mod 3 version includes:
- New threads for easy unscrewing
- 3 seconds button delay to prevent accidental turn off
- Silicon slings for caps of batrery compartment
- Improved metal battery cover
- Dynamic voice tracking
- Incrased RF immunity
- Improved headphone case materials

NRR (ANSI): 22 db
Power supply: 2 x AAA
Estimated battery life: ~ 350 h
Compliant with CE / RoSH / ANSI S3.19-1974
Waterproof: IPX-5
Color: Foliage Green (FG)
Weight: 350 g

Shipping list:

1 x 1pcs M31 MOD3 Headset
1 x 1pcs M11 ARC Rail Adapte

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