FMA IPSC Belt & Multi-angle Speed Pistol Magazine Pouch Set Mag Carrier Holster


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TB-FMA IPSC USPSA IDPA Competition High Speed Shooting Inner & Outer Belt w/ 4x Fast Draw Pistol Magazine Pouch Mag Carrier Holster

IPSC Belt Size:

M size suit for waist 35.4"-43.3"(90-110cm)

L size suit for waist 39.4"-47.3"(100-120cm)

XL size suit for waist 43.3"-51.2"(110-130cm)

XXL size suit for waist 47.3"-55.1"(120-140cm)

Magazine Pouch Features:

100% high quality and brand new.

Light weight, ABS Polymer strong and durable material.

Designed for the Competitive Edge Expected by the Best.

Fits Single Stack and Double Stack Magazines.

Ambidextrous design for Left/Right Handed user.

Fully adjustable,Rotates 360 degrees for higher speed.

Multi-angle adjustment fit for different people requirement.

Fits mags for STI, SV, Para, Caspian, Bul M5, Kimber Hi Cap, all Small Framed Glock, HK USP Pistols in 9mm and 40 Smith and Wesson, Browning P35, CZ75, XD & XDM and etc.

Retail Package Contents: The three packaging list is listed below, and shipped according to your order list.

1, One IPSC Belt + 2pcs IPSC Pistol Magazine Pouch

2, One IPSC Belt + 3pcs IPSC Pistol Magazine Pouch

3, One IPSC Belt + 4pcs IPSC Pistol Magazine Pouch

4 One IPSC Belt

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