FMA IPSC Shooter Magazine Base Pad Kit CNC Aluminum for Glock 17/22/24/31/34/35


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FMA IPSC Shooter Glock Magazine Base Pad Kit CNC Aluminum Made  for Glock 17 17C 17L 22 22C 24 24C 31 31C 34 35

The extended base pad for the standard capacity Glock magazine.  3-piece design is easy to reassemble onto the magazine, and can be easily disassembled for cleaning without losing any parts.
Does Not Work with 10 round capacity magazines.
For 1st-3rd Gen :Glock 17C,Glock 17L,Glock 22,Glock 22C,Glock 24,Glock 24C,Glock 31,Glock 31C,Glock 34,Glock 35
For 4th Gen:Glock 17,Glock 22,Glock 31,Glock 34,Glock 35
Technical specs:
• Adds +5 capacity on 9mm 
• Adds +4 capacity on .40 cal 
• Fits standard capacity Glock 9mm & .40 magazines 
• Additional power spring provided 
Package:1 x Base Pad  Kit

Packing list: 1x 1pcs


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