FMA IPSC USPSA IDPA Pistol Magazine Pouches Multi-Angle Speed & IPSC Shooting Belt Set


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*  Available color in Black, Blue, Red

*  Sizes available from 34"-46":
       -Size M: 34-36"
       -Size L: 38-42"
       -Size XL: 44-46"
*  Choose the belt size based on your waist measurement, eg: measured 34" order 34" belt (size M).
Magazine Pouches
*  100% high quality and brand new.
*  Two-belt system design, Soft inner belt and Stiffest outer belt. All types of gear will fit.
*  Inner belt is designed streamlined and slimed to prevent it from adding too much thickness under the outer belt and easy threading through pant loops.
*  Inner belt constructed of soft velcro layer to ensure comfortable wearing and prevent it from snagging on clothing when worn separately.
*  Outer belt constructed of a tough web nylon for impressive rigidity, strongest and stiffest.
*  Slightly thicker design to help the holster and pouches mounted on belt firmly in place to avoid slide around.
*  Competition width 1.5" to fit with all shooting gear used.
*  An attractive and functional belt head with I.P.S.C logo included with every belt.
*  100% high quality and brand new.
*  Light weight, ABS Polymer strong and durable material.
*  Designed for the Competitive Edge Expected by the Best.
*  Fits Single Stack and Double Stack Magazines.
*  Ambidextrous design for Left/Right Handed user.
*  Fully adjustable,Rotates 360 degrees for higher speed.
*  Multi-angle adjustment fit for different people requirement.
*  Fits mags for STI, SV, Para, Caspian, Bul M5, Kimber Hi Cap, all Small Framed Glock, HK USP Pistols in 9mm and 40 Smith and Wesson, Browning P35, CZ75, XD & XDM and etc.
Shipping list
Retail Package Contents:
IPSC Shooting Belt * 1PC, IPSC Pistol Magazine Pouch * 3PCS

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